Region: Orne

1 500 000€

Perch: 93 Ha estate with an old building of 17 th century. The buildings are grouped together in the middle of the 93 hectares in a dominant position.

The main house built on a cellar has a large living room with fireplace, kitchen, utility room, study, 3 bedrooms, bathroom and toilet. Attached, room for storage use. CC to oil.

In front stone barn composed of 3 volumes, attic. Other L-shaped outbuilding with inhabited part (bedroom, wc room, old soues, graining. Adjoining vast recent stabule. Away from the old hemp oven.

Half of the land is in prairie nature, the ostrich is devoted to cereals and fodder crops, wooded areas, natural hedges, natural dunes, wells and access roads crossing the estate. Rural lease in progress. Rare for sale. For more details, contact Francois Iorsch on 0630179436 or send an email to francois.iorsch@percheetdemeures.com